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Vastu Shastra in vedic process to do some minor correction in your life and that generate major result in your life. Vastu is the process through which you can manage your life smoothly and effectively. Those who are suffering from ill health, debts, fights, court cases, property loss, misunderstanding of family members, facing family problems, disputes, disappointments, and tensions are looking only for a peaceful existence. To rescue the same you need a well wisher in the form of Vashu Shastra Specialist who can resolve your entire problem.

We often overlook the principles of this ancient science when carrying out constructions according to our modern day requirements. These aversions take a toll in the long run, non-development of business, people falling sick in the family or constant psychological stress can also be because of the Vastu defects in your home or office.

For Vastu consultancy, all facts and features of the residence or commercial space are taken into consideration and closely researched and studied. It is also important to study the environment and the location or surroundings.

Why Dr. Sunil Kumar

Unlike most vastu consultants, Dr. Sunil Kumar believes that the laws of vastu are not just a set of theoretical rules and guidelines to be applied at any given place. He holds that the same need to be customized for every individual, type of construction and the purpose. Moreover, a combination of Astrology + Numerology and Vastu Shastra provides complete effectiveness.

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Advantages of Vastu Shastra

Good health & Comfort

Ensure healthy, happy and positive vibes for yourself and your family Thus Providing Good Health to the Inhabitants.

Positive Relations

Proper Vastu In the House or Office Enhances relationship with other people and Among Family Members.

Wealth and Career Growth

Proper Use of Vastu in Home help you make a positive Change in your career, Helps to Achieve success without obstructions

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