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Best Astrologer In India


The horoscope or kundli is the basic requirement for analysis through Indian Astrology. It is a set of birth and chronological information about the position and influence of planets and heavenly bodies on a particular human being. An astrologer studies the effects and implications of planets and accordingly suggests solutions, which can be a combination of Puja-Anushthan, spiritual items, certain dos and don’ts, etc.

Best Astrologer In India

Why Dr. Sunil Kumar

His services are based on his passion for this science along with 15 years of experience and an extensive knowledge. He ranks amongst the most respected Indian astrology practitioners in India because of his:

  • Extensive knowledge, experience and ability to understand every type of problem and situation.
  • Systematic and scientific approach towards Indian Astrology.
  • Ability to provide extensive psychological aid while Counseling.
  • Counseling on independent psychological health complimented by astrological support.
  • Complete Handholding and Mentoring.
  • Call between 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

    +91 98710 22944
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    The Consultation


    Based on the materials shared
    As per your questions & doubts


    Based on the analysis
    Answers to the questions posed


    Through dialogue, advising & counselling
    Through spiritual items/charts/pujas

    In order to consult Dr. Sunil Kumar, you need to simply book an appointment.
    The consulting process has the following parts:

    Dr. Sunil Kumar constantly strives to make his clients feel comfortable by enabling a frank and
    transparent dialogue without expecting the client to leave his/ her personal space.

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