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Hailing from Patna, Dr Sunil was like any other child his age - both effervescent and sincere - brought up in a warm household. His ever-ready attitude towards learning new things and finding joy in the simplest hobbies such as travelling and cooking speaks volumes about his inner calm.

A Science student possessing a great taste for fashion and aesthetics coupled with his profound interest in Hinduism and its core spiritual ethos encouraged him to learn more about the harmony of the mind and the body and ventures of similar interest such as Astro-sciences. He is a certified Pranic Healer, a Reiki practitioner, and a Pendulum Dowsing expert with an Honorary Doctorate from American University. He is also a qualified architect, an interior designer, an astrologer, and a Yogacharya certified by the prestigious Sivananda Ashram.

Making it big and becoming successful were the driving forces behind Dr Sunil’s entrepreneurial venture. Being an architect by education with an inclination towards interior and Vastu, he also took up his passion for astrology professionally and thus, started working in the two sectors. Talking about the same he said, “I believe that the vibrations of the universe are ubiquitous and occupy the space around us at all times. Thus, I employ my skills as an architect and as a Vastu expert to harmonise designs with the universe.”

Dr Sunil has been helping his clients with accurate predictions and fruitful advice to help them lead a peaceful and happy life. Armed with sacred ancient knowledge, he holds a modern perspective in dealings and is able to treat both the symptom and the cause of spiritual distress and its material ramifications through his unique methods. With a strong client base of successful people, his aura fills the spaces that he designs with a serene vibe and positivity, which brings good health and wealth to his clients.

DR. Sunil Kumar

Director, Shades n Designs

14 long years of healing and helping people become spiritually stronger, emotionally fitter, and capable of having a place they can call their peaceful abode - Dr Sunil Kumar, Director, Shades n Designs is a multi-faceted personality who has been contributing to people’s lives with his positivity and cosmic knowledge;


Being the youngest of all in his family, Dr Sunil was away from any sort of stressful family matters. However, when he left home to pursue a graduation course from Delhi University, he tasted the first sense of being let out in a sea of contemporaries. With a meagre amount of money in his pocket and three-pairs of clothes, he embarked upon a journey in an ever-bustling city. Sadly, he lost his father during his graduation period, which became a sharp turn in his journey. He recalls how his struggling days began after he lost his greatest support and inspiration, managing both studies and finances together. He gave tuitions to children and soon bagged a job in an architecture firm. However, the hand-on learning period was not a pleasant one for him and thus, he became determined to become one of the best interior designers. He risked his weak financial condition to take up a proper course in architecture and interior designing. His desire for interpretation about the influence of heavenly bodies on human affairs had added icing on the cake and today, he has been able to give all his clients exactly what they want with a slice of his spirituality to bless their homes with happiness.


  • Excellence Award presented by the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand
  • Jyotish Ratna Award by All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies
  • Jyotish Bhushan Award by All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies
  • Jyotish Martand Award by Jyotish-Vastu Shodh Sansthan
  • Global Jyotish Shreshtham Award by Jyotish Integrated Research institute
  • Jyotish Ratna by Sarva Brahman Mahasabha
  • Excellence Award by Bhal Chandra Jyotish Vidyalaya
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